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Measurement of the Sustainability Index of St. Petersburg NGOs in 2011

Coordinator and Participants: Dr. Elena Belokurova (CGES), Dr. Anna Orlova (Center for NGOs Development St. Petersburg), Ekaterina Guseva (Center for NGOs Development St. Petersburg), about 20 experts of St. Petersburg NGO sector.

In the framework of this research project, in April 2012, the measurement and analysis of the Sustainability Index of St. Petersburg NGOs was carried out. The methodology used was elaborated by the US AID in 2003 for the evaluation of NGO development in different countries but, especially, in Central and Eastern Europe and in the former USSR (http://www.usaid.gov/locations/europe_eurasia/dem_gov/ngoindex). The methodology includes the analysis of the current NGO situation on the basis of seven criteria and a proposed scale, which are evaluated and discussed by the best experts from the NGO sector, government and academia in order to come to a consensus.

The discussion of the experts organized in the framework of this project took place on April 23, 2012. It was highly important because it allowed the collection and recording of discourses, argumentations and narratives provided by the experts. Both quantitative and qualitative evaluations and data were made available to the public and represent a precious resource for further comparative research as well as practical developments. In order to guarantee the widest-possible distribution and open access, the results were published on the Centre for NGOs Development web-page (http://www.crno.ru/news/indeks-ustojchivosti-nekommercheskix-organizaczij-za-2011-god). They were presented to the broader public on May 21, 2012 during the Informal Social Forum meeting in St. Petersburg and later during the annual NGOs Forum “Social St. Petersburg” in December 2012.