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Eighth International Conference ‘Comparative Media Studies in Today’s World’

November 1011, 2020

School of Journalism and Mass Communications, St Petersburg University

The Conference was held for the eighth time and for the first time entirely online. The topic of the Conference was related to the role of contextual knowledge in media research and the practice of mediatised communication.

The plenary discussion brought together Daya Thussu, Hong Kong Baptist University, Henriette Borg Reinholdt, Danish Institute of Culture in the Russian Federation, Marielle Wijermars, Maastricht University, and Andrei Zavadski, FU Berlin. They discussed cross-cultural approaches to the study of online communication, the importance of understanding context in media education, and pointed out the lack of rigorous procedures for assessing context in scientific papers.

The keynote speech by Mark Deuze from the University of Amsterdam was devoted to the development of mass communication during the COVID-19 pandemic. Following him, Michal Glowacki from the University of Warsaw showed how the organisational patterns of public television and creative clusters can be similar, that is, how the same organisation principle works in different contexts. In her keynote speech, Elena Vartanova from Moscow State University proposed new ideas for conceptualising media systems. Finally, the keynote by Claudia Mellado from the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso outlined that the digital transformation of journalistic roles is contextually driven.

The Conference also featured a session on media in the Middle East, a workshop on media and history, book presentations, as well as competitions for the best articles and panels.