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Fall Meetings 2020

November 20–22, 2020

St. Petersburg

The Fall Meetings 2020 was the fourth annual public event dedicated to current European challenges. The goal of the event in 2020 was to engage the broader public in reflection on current urban trends and activities, mostly in the European space as well as in Russian cities.

In 2020, the focus of the discussions was on the projects proposed by the speakers to solve current problems of European cities, including the problems of homeless people and disadvantaged social groups, environmental and social problems, as well as the under-representation of various social groups in traditional parliamentary system. The following topics were discussed:

• How are urban communities getting stronger?
• How to build urban communities from the inside?
• How will urban communities change in the future?
• How is the role of public art changing for communities?

In the discussions, 22 speakers from ten European countries, including seven speakers from different Russian cities joined the Fall Meetings mostly in online format. In total, about 900 people registered for participation in the event as audience, discussion participants, speakers, and volunteers.

In addition, a workshop with one of the experts, an online guided tour through a creative space project in Amsterdam, and two offline discussions in St. Petersburg were organised.