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Boundary and Border Studies in World Society (2017-)

In 2017, a new research initiative focussing on “Boundary and Border Studies in World Society” was started with the establishment of a joint working group. This research initiative works in cooperation with the Institute for World Society Studies (IW) and is concentrated on  multi-, trans, and inter-disciplinary research on the constitution, change, and contestation of political, social, and cultural boundaries in Europe and beyond. From 20th to 21st of April 2017, an international kick-off workshop on “Boundary Processes in World Society” was organized at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research (ZiF) at Bielefeld University. This workshop provided the foundation for several further activities and cooperation patterns that are presently underway  (like for instance an international conference in 2018, cooperative activities with the “B/Orders in Motion” research group in Frankfurt/Oder).