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Trainings on Intercultural Communication and Conflict Resolution

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May 20-21, October 15, December 22, 2017

St. Petersburg

The training “Conflicts: What to do with them? Practical tools for solving and preventing conflicts” introduced participants to the notion of conflict and to a set of practical tools for conflict prevention and resolution.

During the training, participants reflected upon their attitude towards conflict situations, learned to analyse them, and learned how to behave using various strategies of reaction to conflicts. 

The intercultural Reality-Training “World citiziens” gathered participants with different intercultural backgrounds wishing to master their intercultural communication skills related to collective work. The training aimed at developing participants’ open-mindedness towards other cultures. Participants from Russia, Germany, Italy, Austria, Sweden, USA, and India had responded to the open call and practiced accepting cultural differences and thus came to understand their own cultures better.

The main idea of the Night of intercultural card games “Meeting point” was to attract those representatives of the broader audience, who are actually more interested in just having fun and playing some games and know little about intercultural communication or intercultural competence. The evening was designed accordingly. Interactive fun games were played by the participants who responded to an open call. Each of the games had an implicit meaning with regard to intercultural learning.