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“Lecture Hall” in the Social Sciences

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May – October 2017

New Holland Island

In 2017, Margarita Kuleva, PhD Fellow of the CGES curated a series of multidisciplinary lectures in the social sciences, organized by the New Holland Island in collaboration with the Higher School of Economics in St. Petersburg.

The cycle of lectures offered the general public a fresh perspective on the everyday social phenomena and processes. Leading Russian and international social scientists from Europe and the US delivered lectures divided into three thematic blocks: “Everyday Life”, “Culture and Big Data”, and “New Technologies”. Lecturers presented new readings on everyday phenomena, sharing recent research findings from the last 2-3 years, as well as their own personal methodologies. In total, 23 lectures were conducted, attended by over 2,000 of listeners.

Within this cycle, Margarita Kuleva also gave a lecture “Creative spaces don't exist. Culture and Creativity in Russia and the UK since the year 2000”. In her lecture, she explained the meanings of the notions “creativity” and “culture” in modern Russia, comparing them with the examples from the UK. Margarita described the nature of creativity of public spaces and how creative spaces differ from other public places such as shopping malls, art-galleries, and museums.