Логотип 1

Election Party

September 24, 2017

St. Petersburg

The Election Party (Wahlparty) was organized for the German-speaking community in order to discuss and watch together the announcement and TV discussions on the results of the German Bundestag Elections.


Летняя школа ЦИГЕ

22-26 августа 2017


Сегодня открылась Летняя школа ЦИГЕ в Стрельне, посвященная методологии исследований европейского гражданского общества и собравшая около 20 аспирантов и магистрантов разных городов России и других стран.


Joint German-Russian Seminar 'Summer European Academy 2017. Learning from the Past – For the Future'

July 28 – August 7, 2017

Otzenhausen, Germany

The German-Russian Summer School for BA students was organized in 2017 for the seventh time. 14 students from six different faculties of St. Petersburg State University were selected out of over 30 applications to participate in the Seminar. 11 German students from various disciplines represented three partner universities in Germany: Bielefeld University, Würzburg University, and University of Koblenz-Landau.


Seminar “Creative Labour in Transition”

 June 29, 2017

King’s College, London

Alongside the continuing need to manage precarity and low pay, one challenge for today's creative workers is to survive various transitions occurring in the sector – whether to austerity policies and neoliberalism, and the associated growth in neo-conservatism, or to re-institutionalisation, internationalisation or increasingly divided communities and occupational fields. 


Workshop of the Academic Network for European Security Studies

15 workshop ANESSJune 2, 2017

Faculty of International Relations, St. Petersburg State University

In 2017, a group of scholars and NGO project managers from Russia and European countries established the Academic Network for European Security Studies (ANESS), supported by the CGES. The aim of ANESS is to contribute to overall security in Europe by establishing a strong academic community related to studies of European security and drawing the public’s, and decision makers’, attention to the issue of mutual understanding in this particular area.


Fifth International Conference 'Comparative Media Studies in Today’s World: Media Transformations in Times of Technological Boom and Political Polarization'

April 25, 2017

School of Journalism and Mass Communications, St. Petersburg State University

The fifth International Conference “Comparative media studies in today's world” took place as part of the Annual Forum “Media in the Modern World”, one of the largest events in journalism and mass communications in Russia. Annually, the Forum gathers over 200 researchers and experts from all over the world. The Centre for German and European Studies has been supporting the conference for several years, and hence contributed to the growth of its international recognition.


Research Workshop 'Methodology of Comparative Studies on Civil Society in the EU, Germany, and Russia'

April 22, 2017


The Research Workshop was organized to discuss the variety of participatory methods used incivil society studies in order to agree upon optimal methods for annual analytical reports on civil society in various EU countries and Russia. It was organized for the second time in cooperation with the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum, a network of about 150 NGOs from the EU and Russia that initiated the preparation of the annual Report on the State of Civil Society in the EU and Russia since 2016.


Round table “EU and BRICS in the International Trade System”

14 EU BRICS IMG 9006 pag.14April 21, 2017

Faculty of Economics, St. Petersburg State University

The round table “The EU and BRICS in the International Trade System” was held at the Faculty of Economics of Saint Petersburg State University as a part of the International Economic Symposium to address contemporary challenges in the economic development of the EU and BRICS.


Joint German-Russian Seminar 'Russian Spring Academy 2017. Understanding Russia: Building Mutual Trust for a Common Future and Partnership'

March 21-28, 2017

CGES, St. Petersburg State University

The Joint German-Russian Seminar “Russian Spring Academy” was held in Saint Petersburg for the fifth time as the continuation of the Summer European Academy organized with the same German and Russian students in July 2016. The St. Petersburg seminar was dedicated to different aspects of Russian politics and society.