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Competition of Scientific Articles by Young Social Scientists

November 29, 2014

CGES, St. Petersburg State University

This year 15 research papers in various scientific domains, including sociology, political science, economics and international relations, were submitted to the competition.

Written by MA and PhD students of Free University of Berlin, University of Bremen, St. Petersburg State University, NRU Higher School of Economics, European University at St. Petersburg, Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences, Southern Federal University, Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Russian Institute on Migration Policy in Berlin, and other Russian and European institutions, the papers covered topical issues of Russian and European societies as well as of international relations between those.

On November 29 2014 the Final of the Research Papers Competition for Junior Scholars from Russia and Europe took place at the Centre for German and European Studies (St. Petersburg State University). 3 Russian and 2 European selected finalists presented their papers. 2 winners were chosen in 2 nominations:
• Ms. Sonja Schiffers (MA student at Free University of Berlin): with the paper ‘Dependency in Disguise. Evaluating Russia’s Engagement in Abkhazia since 2008 within the Framework of International Peace- and Statebuilding’ in the nomination ‘Papers by Junior European Scholars’;
• Ms. Irina Antoshchuk (PhD Candidate at St. Petersburg State University and European University at St. Petersburg, former MA SES student): with the paper ‘Co-authorship Patterns of Russian Computer Scientists in the United Kingdom: Tracing Connections and Identifying Diaspora Knowledge Networks’ in the nomination ‘Papers by Junior Russian Scholars’.

Each of the winners received a grant amounting to 1300 Euro to undertake a cross-border research trip from home country to Russia / Europe in early 2015 to collect empirical data and to develop the paper for publication in CGES Working Papers series.
In 2015 the Competition will be held again.