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Exhibition and Theatre Performance on Urban Development in St. Petersburg and Berlin “100 Beautiful Deads”

October 4–16, 2012
St. Petersburg, Tkachi Art Space

Social empirical research on urban development in St. Petersburg and Berlin led to an exhibition and a theatre performance, which were supported within the CGES research area “Sub-National Regionalism: Regional and Local Communities, Identities and Public Spaces”.

Social scientists and artists from Russia and Germany cooperated in creating this science-art project to broadcast the results of social research. The project was selected for the German Year in Russia and supported by the Goethe Institute St. Petersburg. The exhibition included many elements. The focal point was 100 pictures of destroyed St. Petersburg houses and their reflection in the Berlin urban space and other installations. The theatre performance was prepared and conducted alongside the exhibition by the theatre group Oper Dynamo West from Berlin, Russian actors and a singer from St. Petersburg. The public discussion “Artistic Reflection of Data on the City Space Transformation” was another important moment of the project. Both exhibition and performance lasted for 11 days and were very well attended. About 700 people visited the exhibition and about 200 attended the theatre performance.

Participants: sociologists, artists from Germany and Russia, broader public