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Scholars from dozens of St. Petersburg, Russian, European and other universities and research institutions worldwide take part in research projects of the CGES. Some of them are based at the Centre, others continuously participate in our projects and have the status of CGES associate researchers.

Raisa 1

Raisa Akifyeva,  University of Western Australia 

Antonyk cv

Artem Antonyuk, St. Petersburg University

Basov CV 1 

Nikita Basov, St. Petersburg University


Elena Belokurova, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration


Marie-Sophie Borchelt Camêlo, Bielefeld University


Julia Brennecke, University of Liverpool 

Halauniova cv

Anastasia Halauniova (Golovneva), University of Amsterdam


Iina Hellsten, University of Amsterdam 


Goetz Herrmann, Paderborn University 

 Khokhlova cv

Anisya Khokhlova, St. Petersburg University 


Martin Koch, Bielefeld University


Konstantin Kotelnikov, St. Petersburg University

Kretzer cv

Irina Kretser, St. Petersburg University 


Margarita Kuleva, National Research University Higher School of Economics

 Kretzer cv

Alexander Kuteynikov, St. Petersburg University 

Molitor CV

Annette Mehlhorn, St. Petersburg University

Molitor CV

Verena Molitor, University of Bielefeld 


Dafne Muntanyola-Saura, Autonomous University of Barcelona


Alexandra Nenko, National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics 

Nikiforova CV

Olga Nikiforova, St. Petersburg University

Pierobon CV

Chiara Pierobon, Magdeburg University

Pivovarov cv

Alexander Pivovarov, St. Petersburg University 

Kseniia 1

Ksenia Puzyreva, St. Petersburg University

 Rohde Abuba Caterina cv

Caterina Rohde-Abuba, Bielefeld University   

Rohde Abuba Caterina cv

Tatiana Saraseko, Bielefeld University   


Sebastian Stevens, University of Plymouth 

Tykanova 1

Elena Tykanova, National Research University Higher School of Economics

Andreas CV

Andreas Vasilache, University of Bielefeld 

Zimenkova cv

Tatiana Zimenkova, Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences