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Political Culture of Global Society: Between Publicity and Security

The main purpose of the research is to observe some aspects of global society phenomena and to research the opportunities for its further development. Apparently, for the last ten years, dramatic changes in social mentality might be seen, which now deal with many challenges, among them – total informatization, electronic communication development as well as the ability of almost everyone to build his own informational space, make an uncountable number of contacts and get a certain fame. Such issues require more and more attention and the research should answer a question if this new phenomena is somewhat as inter-community or not, can we talk about the emerging identity of global society? And if yes, what are the main attributes of this new form of society?

More concretely, much attention in research is paid to the main problem of nowadays mass culture – limits of publicity and security in the web sphere. Each one who is a user of Facebook or its analogues, who has his own blog or microblog has to deal with these limits and let everyone to read all his life in the web-pages, or in the case of social networks to open his real name and surname. When web-service Vkontakte.ru (analogue of Facebook) appeared in Russia and began to develop very quickly, there were many rumours that it was Federal Security Service, who supports this resource. So, the issue is whether social media are just an instrument for manipulation or they can be very powerful in prospective? Are they follow the trend or create new trends? And to what type of political culture they belong to?