Логотип CGES

EU Development Policy Principles

The research project conducted by Andrey Demidov, the Faculty of Political and Social Science, Petrozavodsk State University was oriented on the discussion going on issues of the EU development policy as one of the EU common policy directions which have not attracted research interest in Russia yet. It resulted in the paper written and published as the CGES Working Paper. Basically, the paper took the form of a review aimed at identification and presentation of issues of the EU development policy and at the initiating of discussion among Russian scholars. The main questions raised in the paper touch upon problems of the history of EU development policy, its place within Common Foreign and Security Policy, institutional framework and decision-making process and issues of its contents. It was also focused on the question of how common EU development policy is institutionally designed, how it is related to the policies of member states, how it is related to other EU policies (like trade, foreign and security policy), what goals it seeks to pursue and, at last, how efficient it is.

For Russia, this topic is especially interesting and important now, because Russia is working on the new formulation of its development policy. Therefore, European experiences can be important to understand and to learn.

Research project resulted in a publication of the Working Paper in December 2009.