Логотип CGES

European Cities in Times of Globalisation: Dealing with Cultural and Historical Heritage

CGES activities within the framework of this topic were largely connected with the organization of events and only to a very limited extent with research. During the preparatory and follow-up activities for these discussions, a significant amount of empirical data was collected and analyzed in order to identify precedents for changing UNESCO World Heritage Sites, analyse decision-making procedures in different cases and to understand the role of government agencies in managing World Heritage Sites. This analytic overview became the basis for discussions and was given to the Workshop participants, experts and policy-makers. They were published in the Russian language as a series of three articles on the cogita.ru and as a CGES Working Paper of Dmitry Vorobjev.

The numerous previous activities resulted in the organization of the International Conference on Urban Development and Politics in Europe and Russia, October 28-30, 2011 (see more in Chapter 6.15).




  • Anna Zhelnina, Centre for German and European Studies;
  • Dmitry Vorobjev, Centre for Independent Social Research, St. Petersburg.