Логотип CGES

The Building of Political Community or Communities in the Russian North-West: Between the Federal Centre and Cross-Border Cooperation

The research project is dedicated to the analysis of regional integration in Northwest Russia. The preconditions for and factors of integration, alongside the problems regarding the transformation of the Northwestern regions into one macro-region in the 1990-2000s, are analysed and explained both on the level of the federal district and on the level of various subjects of federation. The empirical study was carried out within the framework of the previous different research projects of 2000-2004, where regional identity- and community-building was studied empirically in three cases: the Republic of Karelia, Kaliningrad Oblast and Novgorod Oblast. As a result, in 2010 a book was written in Russian, as well as a CGES Working Paper.

The research project partly implemented in 2009-2010, was continued in 2011. The empirical research carried out in 2011 was done in order to update the previous version and to prepare it for publication in Russian and English by an international publishing house in 2012. It should result in the publication of the monograph in Russian language “European Union and the Sub-National Regions” in the beginning of 2012. Moreover, a monograph on Regional Communities and Identities in the Russian North-West should be published in 2012.


  • Elena Belokurova, CGES;
  • Maria Nozhenko, European University at St. Petersburg;
  • Gleb Jarovoy, Petrozavodsk State University.