Логотип CGES

Intellectual Communication Network as a Source of Innovation in Europe

The project aims to explain how intellectual communication networks bring innovations to everyday life. In order to do so, mechanisms of innovations emergence on the basis of intellectual communication networks will be conceptualized and some comparative cross-European cases will be considered to verify the results empirically. Using network, system and constructivist approaches we will show that it is networked intellectual communication within and across such fields as science, business and education as well as across regional and state borders that generate, translate and transform knowledge. This knowledge is then developed and exploited by organizations to generate innovations for commercialization and stimulates emergence of inter-organizational innovation alliances. As a result, structural and processual mechanisms and linkages between novel idea evolution in intellectual networks and innovation development within respective inter-organizational structures will be analyzed.

The project is connected with research trips to Stuttgart and Hohenheim and resulted in a CGES Working Paper in 2012, an article for an academic journal and preparation of an application for a FP7 project in the cooperation with European colleagues.