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Citizens and Politics during the Federal and Regional Elections in Germany

This small research project was conducted by Dr. Elena Belokurova, who participated in a study trip throughout Germany before and during the Federal Elections and regional elections in Bayern. The study trip was lasted between September 13 and 24, 2013. It was organized by the DAAD for 20 experts on Germany from various countries of the world. The programme was very rich and full of meetings with the politicians from different political parties and levels, with experts, journalists, observers etc. As result, it was possible to discover a great deal about the specifics of communication between citizens and politics in Germany, role of different mechanisms and methods of electoral campaigns, their role in the citizens‘ choices, questions and answers of the most important political, social and public debates in contemporary Germany.

During her research trip, Dr. Elena Belokurova has published a number of blog posts on the page of the Russian Council of International Affairs, which specializes in research on international relations and politics in other countries. Therefore, the blog was read by people who were especially interested in what was happening in Germany and how its politics can be compared with Russian politics and what it means for the German-Russian relations. All these issues and aspects were described in the blog, which can be found here.

Moreover, one student and one alumna of MA Programme “Studies in European Societies” took part in their similar programme for students. They also studied different aspects of German politics before and during the elections. The research of one of them became a basis for her future MA thesis on transformation of political parties‘ agenda in the elections during the times of financial crisis in the EU.