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Western Funding of Russian NGOs as a Problem: Cases of "Foreign Agents" Legislation Implementation in Russia

In 2013, the new legislation about the NGOs as “foreign agents” was implemented very actively, when the NGOs, who have some projects funded by international or foreign donors and are active in a political field were searched and, in some cases, brought to the courts. These actions led to a strong discussion in the society and politics, on such questions like what is a “political activity”, whether the NGOs can and should participate in politics, which functions they have in the society etc. Therefore, some more public oriented articles were written by Elena Belokurova alone and in co-authorship with Anna Tarasenko, which contributed to this public discussion by explaining the theoretical and empirical aspects of the NGOs work and studies.

This research project resulted in a number of publications in public journals and outlets as contributions for the common academic and public discussion.


  • Dr. Elena Belokurova, CGES;
  • Dr. Anna Tarasenko, European University at St. Petersburg.