Логотип CGES

Elena Belokurova

Research Associate at the Centre for German and European Studies

Assosiate Professor, Department of comparative political studies, RANEPA

Director of the German-Russian Exchange, St. Petersburg

Member of the Steering Committee of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum 



  • Candidate of Political Science (Russian PhD)
Research areas:
  • European and Russian governance structures
  • Regional politics
  • Civil society groups
  • Local self-government
Foreign languages:
  • English
  • German
  • 1996-2000 European University at St. Petersburg / Institute of World Economy and International Relations, Department of political science and sociology, Candidate of science (June 2000)
  • 1997 European University at St.Petersburg Political science MA with distinction
  • 1991-1996 St. Petersburg State University, Department of Sociology, Diploma
  • August 2006, August 2008 University of Helsinki (Finland), Aleksanteri Institute
  • April, May 2007 Pomor State University in Arkhangelsk (Russia), Institute for Retraining, Politics and Law
  • September-October 2005 University of Genoa (Italy), Department for Political and Social Sciences
  • February-March 2004 University of Bielefeld (Germany), Department for Sociology
  • September 1997-February 1998 Bundestag Internship Program, organized by Bundestag and University of Bonn (Bonn, Germany)
  • March-May 1996 Diploma practice at the department of sociology of the University of Bielefeld (Germany)
  • February-July 1995 Exchange-student program (Tempus-TACIS), department of sociology, University of Bielefeld (Germany)
Research Experience:
  • 2000-2014 Researcher at the Centre for European Studies – EU Centre at the European University at St. Petersburg
  • 2009-2013 Coordinator of the CGES research clusters “Sub-National Regionalism in Europe” and “New Solidarities, Civil Society and NGOs in Europe and Russia”
  • 2010 Participant of the research project “Building of Political Community or Communities in the Russian North-West: Between the Federal Centre and Cross-Border Cooperation” supported by the CGES
  • January 2008-December 2009 Participant of the Tempus JEP project “Promoting European Governance in the North-Western Regions of Russia”
  • November 2006-August 2008 Coordinator of St. Petersburg research group at the research project 16 “Inside – Outside: New modes of governance in the EU external policies” within the framework of the NEWGOV project led by the European University Institute in Florence and funded by the EU FP6
  • January 2004-December 2007 Participant of the Tempus JEP project “Understanding European Governance in the North-Western Regions of Russia”
  • January 2004-December 2007 Coordinator of St. Petersburg research group at project “Reconstitution of the North-Western political, Economic and Social Space”, in co-operation with the University of Joensuu, funded by the Academy of Finland
  • January 2006-August 2006 Researcher at the project “Youth Policy in the Regions of the Russian North-West”, in co-operation with the St. Petersburg Center “Strategy”
  • January 2005-August 2007 Academic staff member of the Tempus Joint European Project "Understanding European Governance in the Northwestern Regions of Russia"
  • May 2004-March 2005 Researcher at the collective project of the Baltic Case “regional Identity under the Conditions of the EU Neighbourhood (on examples of republic of Karelia and Kaliningrad oblast’)”
  • February 2003-July 2005 Researcher at the collective project “European Influence on Democratication in Russian Regions”, in co-operation with the Center for Contemporary Political Studies (Moscow) and University of Bremen, financed by Volkswagen Foundation
  • August 2003-September 2004 Researcher at the project «NGOs Participation in Solving of Soft-Security Problems in the Russian North-West», in co-operation with the St. Petersburg Center “Strategy”
  • September 2002-December 2003 Researcher at the pilot research project «North-Western Regional Identity Building and Political and Economic Integration of North-Western Subjects of Russian Federation» within the Center-Region Working Group of the Situating Russia Collaborative Research Network, sponsored by the American Council of Learned Societies/Ford Foundation-Moscow
  • May 2001-May 2002 Researcher at the interregional project “225. Women Representation in the Regional Politics”
  • May 2000-May 2003 Coordinator of the translators group at the Russian-German project “Most. Publication of the Results of the German Transformation Studies in Russian Language”, financed by the Volkswagen Foundation
  • November 1999-April 2002 Researcher at the collective research project “Reform of the Local Government System in the Russian Cities”, financed by INTAS
  • October 1998-February 2000 Coordinator of Russian part of the Research Project “Democratization in the Eastern Europe. Local and International”, in co-operation with University of the South Stockholm
  • September 1996-February 1997 Researcher at the project “Understanding Patterns of Regional Change in Russia”, organized by Russian Regional Research Group, University of Birmingham
Teaching Experiences:
  • Since 2009 European University at St. Petersburg, Department of Political Science and Sociology, Course “European Integration and Governance”
  • Since 2008 Courses on “Sociology of NGOs”, “Contemporary Problems of the European Politics” at St. Petersburg State University, Department of Sociology 
  • Since 2004 St. Petersburg State University, Department of Sociology, “Studies in European Societies” Master's programme (in English), Courses “EU Governance and European Constitutionalisation” and “Regionalization and Multi-Level Governance in Europe”
  • February-June 2006 Smolny Institute of Liberal Arts, St. Petersburg State University, course: “Political Management”
  • May-June 2005, 2006 St. Petersburg branch of Higher School of Economics, Department for Sociology, course “Sociology of the Third Sector”
  • February 2002-December 2007 Petrozavodsk State University, Department of Political and Social Sciences, lectures and seminars courses “Political Regional Studies”, “Management of Public Policy Organizations”, “Modes of European Governance”
Management Experiences:
  • January 2007-December 2008 Team leader of the “EU Study Weeks”, organized by the German-Russian Exchange as a contractor of the Delegation of the European Commission to Russia
  • September 2001-September 2003 Research Coordinator at the DAAD Centre for German and European Studies, St. Petersburg State University


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  • Co-authorship: Nechiporuk D., Nozhenko M., Belokurova E. Russia – a Special Actor in Baltic Sea Environmental Governance, in: Pihlajamaki M., Tynkkinen N. (eds.) Governing the Blue-Green Baltic Sea: Societal Challenges of Marine Euthropication Prevention, FIIA Report, 31, 2011, p. 44-54. 
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