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Arts for the City

arts4city_logo-only-09The project “Arts for the City” is organized by the Centre for German and European Studies in collaboration with European National Institutes of Culture network (EUNIC) and combines scientific, educational and artistic elements. The events organised during the project are based on the recommendations provided by researchers of urban space. These events are aimed  at rethinking and transformation of the city area by using means of art practicies with local residents engagement.  

The project roots in the CGES research on creative communities of different Russian and European cities (see here). Knowledge about effects of collective creative process in urban space favours designing this project aimed to rethink the city.  The project will run until autumn 2016 and involves creative communities from Russia, Italy, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, and Hungary. “Arts for the City” consists of a series of events; during each of them European artists together with citizens try to re-create the underused or abandoned spaces and animate ordinary residential areas. Dwelling upon their collective intelligence and energy artistic communities will create new situations of interaction.

Each event will be preceded by sociological and urban research on peculiarities of the territory as well as everyday life of the citizens and visions of the area they have. A local stakeholder, for example, a creative space or a library, will take part in organization of each event and will be able to build it into a broader frame of activities to guarantee sustainability of the results.

During open discussions, following after the artistic events, in dialogue with artists and citizens, researchers of the city - urbanists, sociologists, architects - will look for answers to the question: what can art give to the city? The project will become an international platform  for discussing and experimenting with different art practices, which will allow citizens to make their yard, house and, eventually, the whole city better. 

Information about partners of the CGES in the project: 

EUNIC - the network of the European National Institutes for Culture - is formed in 2006 and is a recognised leader in culture cooperation governed by its 34 members from 28 countries and 95 clusters based in different locations around the globe. EUNIC’s mission is is to promote European values and to contribute to cultural diversity inside and outside of the EU, through collaboration between European cultural institutes around the world. EUNIC’s aim is to expand the role of culture in Europe, and to strengthen cultural dialogue, exchange and sustainable cooperation with countries outside the EU.

Italian Institute of culture in Saint Petersburg is the official organization of the Italian state whose activity is aimed at promoting Italian language and introduce Italian culture to the citizens by organizing cultural events and encouraging the exchange of ideas in different fields. Italian Institute of culture was established in 1999 as a branch of the Institute of Culture in Moscow.

The Goethe-Institut in Saint-Petersburg was founded in 1993. It is the Federal Republic of Germany’s cultural institute which promotes the study of German in Russia, organizes cultural events  and encourages international cultural exchange between Russia and Germany.

Please follow the news on the “Arts for the city” official website and the project’s Facebook page

For more information please refer to the project coordinator Dr. Alexandra Nenko