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A research trip of Anna Dupak to Germany

In March 2020, a second-year student of the MA program ‘Studies in European Societies’ Anna Dupak conducted a research trip to Munich in order to collect empirical data for her project ‘Digital self-tracking in healthcare practices of students from Russia and Europe’.

“In order to find informants, I’ve spent the first few days of my research trip in the libraries and canteens of Munich universities (as being a student is one of my sampling criteria). I had been asking local students about their self-tracking experience. It was quite challenging for me, especially at the beginning: Just imagine trying to talk to 8-10 complete strangers every day! Doesn’t it seem to be a bit stressful?

As a result, I arranged some meetings and conducted a number of interviews with students from different parts of Germany and even from Belgium which made my sample more diverse and interesting. Luckily, many of them were willing to help me and happy to share their self-tracking experience. Some even offered showing me around the city, which was a nice bonus.

All in all, I’m really happy that CGES provided me with such a great opportunity to conduct field work for my project in Germany. As soon as I finish data analysis I shall start working on publications.”

Anna’s research trip to Germany was supported by the CGES as an award for winning our Annual Russian-European Research Paper Competition in 2019. Check out her paper in the CGES Working Papers series in late 2020.

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