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Sunbelt: Call for Oral Presentations and Posters

Deadline: January 31, 2020

The Centre for German and European Studies (St Petersburg University - Bielefeld University) invites papers to the session ‘Advances in Socio-Semantic Network Analysis’ organized as a part of the Sunbelt Conference of the International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA), Paris, June 2-7, 2020.

Social actors (stakeholders, group members, organizations) are linked (or separated) both by their social ties, and the content (knowledge, beliefs, frames, claims) they share (or do not share) as a result of their communication. This interplay between the social relationships and the content of communication is increasingly approached as a socio-semantic network intertwining social and cultural, or cognitive and relational realms, where meanings and interactions coevolve.

The session is organized by Iina Hellsten, University of Amsterdam, Nikita Basov, St. Petersburg University, Johanne Saint-Charles, University of Quebec at Montreal, Adina Nerghes, DH Lab, KNAW Humanities Cluster, and Camille Roth, CNRS, Centre Marc Bloch. The session addresses the recent advances in socio-semantic network analysis and invites theoretical, methodological and empirical papers contributing (but not limited) to the following themes:
- Theorizing relationships between social structure and meaning structure;
- Qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods to relate meaning and social
- Multivariate socio-semantic networks;
- Relations between semantic similarity and social ties;
- Combining relations between stakeholders and their frames;
- Connecting macro- and micro-level social and semantic network patterns.

The session consists of regular 2-hour slots (4 papers of 20-minutes per session) and 1-2 panels following the presentations, each of 40 minutes, where session presenters discuss recent challenges in socio-semantic network analysis such as the coevolution of social groups and cultural ties, or the application of socio-semantic network analysis to social media data.

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