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NetGloW’14 ‘Bridging Theory and Method:American, European, and Russian Studies’

ngl2014 1The 2014 edition of NetGloW was held June 27-29 and attracted 160 participants from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain, UK, Ukraine, and USA representing various disciplinary backgrounds. The conference discussed the topical issues and problems of network analysis of the time, such as linking theoretical and methodological developments in network analysis, for instance, selection of methods to test certain theoretical ideas, interpretation of specific metrics with regard to theoretical constructs developed in the field, and choice of data to be considered when dealing with particular theoretical concepts.


The key sessions of the conference included:Peter Groenewegen3

  • Words and Networks;
  • Networks in Science, Technology, and Innovation;
  • Network Perspectives on Knowledge, Communication, and Culture;
  • Social Movements and Collective Action as Network Phenomena;
  • Network Analysis of Political and Policy-Making Domains;
  • Big Network Data.

The following keynote talks were given:

  • ‘Models for the Diffusion of Innovations’ by Thomas Valente, University of Southern California;
  • ‘In Search of a Network Theory of Innovations: Relations, Positions, and Perspectives’ by Loet Leydesdorff, University of Amsterdam;
  • ‘Words and Networks: Leveraging Text Data for Network Analysis’ by Jana Diesner, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign;
  • ‘Three Perspectives on Combining Social Structure and Semantic Networks’ by Peter Groenewegen, VU Amsterdam;
  • ‘Complex Structures for Complex Problems: Understanding transdisciplinary groups through social and sociosemantic networks’ by Johanne Saint-Charles, University of Quebec at Montreal;
  • ’New Applications for Three-Mode Network Analysis’ by Dimitris Christopoulos, MODUL University, Vienna;
  • ‘The Logic and Method of Social Network Analysis in Social Movement Research’ by Mario Diani, University of Trento;
  • ‘Mapping the Social Media Crowd: Tools and Models for Understanding the Stream’ by Marc Smith, Connected Action Consulting Group;
  • ‘Actor-Oriented Network Models and Socio-Semantic Network Data’ by Wouter de Nooy, University of Amsterdam.

The conference also featured a seminar on ‘Network analysis: How can it be used by globally operating practitioners?’ and softwared workshops on different aspects of network theory and methodology including:ngl2014

  • ‘Pajek for Beginners: From Data to Measures and Visualizations’ by Wouter de Nooy, University of Amsterdam;
  • ‘The Basics of Social Network Analysis with UCINet’ by Tetiana Kostuchenko, National-University of ‘Kyiv-Mohyla Academy’;
  • ‘From Words to Networks - Information and Relation Extraction from Text Data and Network Analysis with ConText’ by Jana Diesner, University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign;
  • ‘Analyzing Social Media Networks with NodeXL’ by Marc Smith, Connected Action Consulting Group;
  • ‘Exponential Random Graph (p*) Modeling and Network Dynamics’ by Benjamin Lind, National Research University ‘Higher School of Economics’.

Find more information about NetGloW’14 in the programme and the official post-release.