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Workshop “European creative labour revisited: Cultural production in distinct institutional environments”

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2016woOver the last 20 years, a number of studies have been devoted to creative professionals, such as artists, designers, IT-specialists, and journalists. These studies indicate a level of risk and inequality behind the bohemian charm, earlier promoted by the ideology of the creative class.


The central concept of cultural (creative) labour studies would be precariousness - a fickle, unstable employment without many social guarantees. However, these studies have mainly been focused on Great Britain and West European countries. In Russia however, despite major media attention on the development of creative industries, the working environment of creative professionals still remains in the shadows.

Over two days, seminar participants discussed European and Russian cultural policies, gender dimension of the creative labour, and the working conditions of specialists in Russian cultural institutions, both in the country’s capital cities and beyond. The programme also included a special cultural event – the movie premiere of Pavel Braila’s documentary on Manifesta 10 team «The Hottest Summer in the Winter Palace», which took place at Goethe Institute. Furthermore, a decision was made to publish proceedings of the seminar internationally.