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International Conference ‘Networks in the Global World: Structural Transformations in Europe, the US and Russia’

Published Date:

2018 07 05 Seti v globalnom mire min 18 1This conference aimed at uniting the efforts of various scientific perspectives of network research and at responding to the challenges conditioned by structural transformations in the US, Russia and Europe, catalysed by the growing importance of networks in the present world.

148 researchers from 18 countries took part in the sessions, panels and discussions. Leading network researchers gave their presenta- tions at the plenary sessions, including M. Everett (Univer- sity of Manchester, UK), J. Sydow (Free University of Berlin, Germany), D. Knoke (University of Minnesota, US), and K.M. Carley (Carnegie Mellon University, US). Selected papers by conference participants were published in a special thematic issue of the Journal of Sociology and Social Anthropology in English and Russian.