Логотип CGES

Diversity, Inequalities and Citizenship: Conceptual Interdependencies

The project led by Prof. Dr. Tatiana Zimenkova, Bielefeld University is focused on the analysis of the category ‘diversity’ as a concept within European policies of citizenship and Human Rights Education and in the context of teaching materials, as well as the bordering the conceptions of diversities and inequalities. The project seeks to make a contribution to the theoretical conceptualizations of inequalities and heterogeneities within the grand narrative of European Educational policies and practices.In 2014, the results were presented during the conference ‘Human rights for LGBT in Russia’, February 1, 2014, City town hall ‘Rotes Rathaus’ of Berlin, Under the patronage of the Mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit. Dr. Tatjana Zimenkova applied institutional analysis to the topics of diversity, heterogeneities and marginalization in Europe.