Логотип CGES

Social history of Russian Berlin in the 1920s 

In the project Konstantin Kotelnikov, Institute of the History, St Petersburg University, analyzed adaptation problems and related delinquent behaviour of Russian emigrants in Berlin in the period of 1919 – 1933. The research is based on the archive materials accumulated by German and Russian institutions as well as by German periodicals during the period. Results of the study were published as a CGES working paper. In addition, two papers on the most resonant case falling within the considered period, the murder committed by two Russian officers P.N. Shabelsky-Bork and S.V. Taboritsky in Berlin 1922, were submitted to peer-reviewed historical journals.





  • Kotelnikov, K.(forthcoming). Crime in ‘Russian Berlin’ 1919-1933: Underworld of emigration in the context of socioeconomic adaptation. Jahrbücher für Geschichte Osteuropas(in German).
  • Kotelnikov, K.(forthcoming). The number of Russian first ‘wave’ emigration in Germany and ‘Russian Berlin’ in the 1920s. Herald of the archivist (in Russian).