Логотип CGES

Russian computer scientists in the UK: Migration, career and diaspora knowledge networks

The project by Irina Antoshchuk, European University at St. Petersburg and Faculty of Sociology of St. Petersburg University studied Russian-speaking computer scientists (RCS) as migrant scholars in the UK and their collaboration with other Russian-speaking researchers. The study is based on higher-education and highly skilled migration studies that demonstrate foreign-born scientists are a distinct category of migrants in the host country academia. Seeking to understand the strategies they elaborate to cope and achieve career success in the destination country, Irina draws on migration network theory and ethnic networks research, combining them with the concept of invisible college. She formulates the notion of diasporic knowledge network (DKN) as a newly emerging distinct social structure within scientific community functioning both as a knowledge production unit as well as a migrant network. This study resulted in a CGES working paper