Логотип CGES

Social production of space in World Heritage Cities: the case of Germany

The project is conducted by Iuliia Eremenko, Junior Researcher at Sociological Institute of the RAS – Branch of the FCTAS RAS; PhD. student at St. Petersburg University and the University of Bamberg. The purpose of this research was to identify the boundaries of the World Cultural Heritage represented on various maps as well as the specifics of their use in urban change practices. This study was based on an understanding of the map as a power resource that conveys the worldview needed by the city administration as the map client. As materials for the study, two main sources of information were used: maps presented in official documents, official media, on the information stands of the city, and data from expert interviews with representatives of the city administration, local businesses, employees of the tourist centre, and local activists. With the grant support from CGES, she was able to work at the UNESCO library in Paris. As a result of the study, Iuliia published a paper ‘Urban Mapping of World Cultural Heritage territories (the case of Stralsund, Germany)’ in the Journal of Sociology and Social Anthropology.