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International Conference ‘Evolution of International Trading System: Prospects and Challenges – 2019’

October 24-25, 2019

 Faculty of Economics, St. Petersburg University

The conference, devoted to current problems of the international economic relations development, highlighted the experience and results of research conducted under the guidance of leading international scientists in Russian universities and research organisations.

The conference was opened with presentation of the book ‘Russian Trade Policy: Achievements, Challenges and Prospects’, presented by its co-authors Olga Trofimenko and Alexandra Koval, Department of World Economy, St. Petersburg University.
During the round table, top international trade regulation experts from Russia, Switzerland, China discussed the challenges and prospects of international trading system’s development. 10 sessions were dedicated to various matters of the global trading system: economic integration, evolution of the system, development of trade and economic relations within the scope of the grand Chinese project ‘One Belt, One Road’, Islamic and Asian economies, primarily China’s and Japan’s, as well as international labour migration, financial and taxation aspects of international trade development.
‘Soft Power’ of Russia Export Potential business forum united the representatives of cultural communities, scientists, experts in tourism and taxation, who jointly looked for answers for major problems of ‘soft power’ of Russia’s export expansion development: the peculiarities of the emotional, cultural and intellectual effect on Russia’s foreign partners; prospects for expanding the non-resource export and increasing Russia’s ‘soft power’ in the foreign markets.
The conference created a platform for establishing information exchange within the scientific community, international cooperation development and Russian integration into the global scientific environment.