Логотип CGES

International Seminar ‘Gendered (In)visibilities: Contemporary Art and Curatorial Practice in Russia and Europe’

Published Date:

November 22, 2018

Education Centre of the Garage Museum, Moscow

During this one-day Seminar, leading academic researchers and curators explored the dynamics of gender, its representations in contemporary art, and implications for cultural workers in the context of Russia and Europe.

 The Seminar consisted of three parts. The first one focused on the Russian context: Garage curator Sasha Obukhova reflected on female curators’ contribution to an institutional history of Russian art in the 1990s, followed by Margarita Kuleva, CGES and NRU ‘Higher School of Economics’, a cultural sociologist who shared the results of her recent ethnographic study of gendered cultural work in Russian institutions. The second part was devoted to international and translocal contexts: cultural scholar and curator Vlad Strukov, University of Leeds presented the concept of ‘gender on the move’, while Panos Kompatsiáris, NRU ‘Higher School of Economics’ demonstrated a critical analysis on the ‘curatorial statements’ of international art biennials.  The Seminar closed with the round table ‘Biennale – Binary?’ joined by international curators and researchers, such as Zippora Elders, the Netherlands, Kaspars Vanags, Latvia, and Julia Bethwaite, Finland.