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International Seminar ‘European Fall Academy 2018. Conflict Management in European Crises: Human Rights, Migration, and Rule of Law’

November 4-11, 2018

Otzenhausen, Germany

The Seminar’s very intensive education programme dedicated to such issues as human rights protection, migration processes in Europe, and the EU refugee and asylum policy. Special attention was given to the topics of Brexit and the future of the EU.

The Seminar included excursions to the European Parliament and the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, and study trips to the Schengen Museum, Luxembourg, Saarland University, Saarbrücken, and Trier. The programme also featured guided visits to several memorial places, such as the site of the former concentration camp Hinzert, the Battlefields of the German-Franco War in 1870-1871, and the Gestapo Camp Memorial Site ‘Goldene Bremm’.

One of the highlights was a round table dedicated to the migration policy in practice, organized together with professionals working with refugees. The event was moderated by the Seminar coordinators Elisabeth Schmitt from the European Academy Otzenhausen and Sherill W. Hayes from the Kennesaw State University. The panel discussants were Ghedem Tesfaghergish, the coordinator of Café Miteinander, St. Wendel, Eugen Georg, representing the theatre project for refugees ‘Morgen wird schöner’, Saarbrücken, and a START scholarship holder. The invited speakers presented their community projects and shared their personal experience of being a refugee and/or working with refugees in Germany.

The students also conducted a simulation of the Brexit negotiations and met Doris Pack, the former Member of the European Parliament. The evaluation feedback from the participants was very positive and proved that such activities are a useful way to provide them with knowledge about Germany- and Europe-related issues.