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Summer European Academy 2018: 'Postelections, in a Different World. Eu/Germany and Russia: Returning to Better Times?’

July 23 – August 2, 2018 

Otzenhausen, Germany

In 2018, the German-Russian seminar designed for students took place in Otzenhausen for the eighth time. This year, German and Russian students were joined by two representatives of Belgian universities (University of Leuven and University of Ghent).

The goal of the Seminar was to give the participants a comprehensive and deeper understanding of German and EU policies and societies, as well as EU Russia relations in an international environment, and to foster mutual learning. In the framework of the seminar, such topics as the EU political system, the history and the future of European integration, mass media, migration, foreign policy, and international relations were discussed during the lectures and interactive workshops. Special attention was paid to the topics of Brexit and the future of the EU.
The seminar schedule featured excursions to the Council of Europe in Strasbourg as well as the Schengen Museum and study trips to the site of the former concentration camp Hinzert and to Luxembourg. One of the highlights was a public discussion dedicated to the German-Russian relations, organized in the city hall of Saarbrücken. The event was moderated by the seminar coordinator Sebastian Zeitzmann from the European Academy Otzenhausen. The panel discussants were two German political scientists: Hans-Henning Schroeder from Bremen and Regina Heller from the Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy at the University of Hamburg, as well as two students (one Russian,one German) from the group.