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Biennial International Academic Conference ‘The First World War, the Versailles System and the Contemporary World’

Published Date:

October 20, 2017

School of International Relations at St. Petersburg State University

The First World War was the Great War, as its scale and its influence were really global. This war determined the outlook of the 20thcentury. The consequences of the First World War defined not only the following path of history, but determined the balance of power in the world and the very system of international relations. That is why studying the history of the First World War helps to understand the problems of the present day.

The 5thinternational conference 'The First World War, the Versailles system and the Contemporary world' was held on October 20that the School of International Relations of St. Petersburg State University in the framework of the international forum 'The Great Revolution: Memory and Comprehension' (St. Petersburg, October 19-21). At the conference, special attention was given to such problems as the collapse ofthe Russian Empire, the international dimension of the Civil War in Russia, the creation of the Versailles system and its crisis. About 70 scholars and academics were involved in a cross-cultural and interdisciplinary international dialogue.

The broad framework of the conference gave the participants an opportunity to share views on a range of military, political, cultural, and social problems of that period. It helped to further develop a multidisciplinary approach to studying the history of the First World War.

The papers presented by the participants were published in the Fourth Issue of the Collection of articles 'First World War, Versailles System, and the Contemporary World'.