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Seminar 'Socio-Semantic Patterns'

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Seminar Socio semantic Patterns Program final page 0001March 15-17, 2017

Paris, France 

The seminar was intended to discuss micro-principles of how social and semantic/meaning/cultural structures interplay. The main goal of the meeting was to come up with a set of patterns describing how it happens in different situations.

The seminar was run with a single track, each day accommodating a session of talks and a round table on one of the three main themes: Ontologies, chaired by John Mohr, University of California at Santa-Barbara; Patterns, chaired by Nikita Basov, CGES St. Petersburg; and Methods and Software, chaired by Camille Roth, Sciences Po and Humboldt University Berlin.

The seminar attracted leading scholars in the fields of socio-semantic network analysis, “culture and networks” studies, and social network modeling, such as: Jan Fuhse, Humboldt University Berlin; Ronald Breiger, University of Arizona; Sophie Mützel, University of Lucerne; Frederic Godart, INSEAD; and Johan Koskinen, University of Manchester, to name a few.

17 papers were presented in detail and extensively discussed.

The seminar was very insightful and stimulated further development of the new field of socio-semantic network analysis, and a corresponding special issue of Poetics on “Discourse, Meaning, and Networks: Advances in Socio-Semantic Analysis”, the flagship of the emerging field. The SI is co-edited by the CGES staff and, among other, will present results of CGES research.

Find out more about the programme of the seminar here