Логотип CGES

Final of Competition of Scientific Articles by Junior Social Scientists of Russia and Europe

Published Date:

November 23, 2017

CGES, St. Petersburg State University

In 2017, the competition was conducted for the fourth time. Over 20 research papers from Russia, Germany, and Europe in various social science domains, including sociology, political science, economics, and international relations, were gathered via an open call. Written by MA and PhD students, the papers covered topical issues of Russian, German, and European societies, as well as of international relations between Russia, Germany, and Europe.

For the first time, the amounts of submissions from Russian and European junior scholars were about equal, which indicates growing internationalization of the competition and further growth of importance of the CGES as a platform for international scientific dialogue between Russia and Europe.

In the final part of the competition, five selected authors from Hungary, Belgium, Bulgaria, and Russia presented their papers. The prizes for the best papers were awarded to Irina Antoschyuk, European University at St. Petersburg and Faculty of Sociology of Saint Petersburg State University, and Tibor Wilhelm Benedek, Antall József Knowledge Center, Budapest.

The winners received grants to undertake a field research trip to Europe (Ms. Antoschyuk) and to Russia (Mr. Benedek), in 2018 in order to collect empirical data and develop their papers for publication in the CGES Working Papers series. All the finalists took part in the workshop “Writing and Publishing International Papers” taught by Verena Molitor, CGES, Bielefeld University.