Логотип CGES

Annual Workshop 'Methodology of Comparative Research and Project Design'

Published Date:

March 25, 2017

CGES, St. Petersburg State University

Since 2008, the CGES offers an annual methodological seminar for MA and PhD students. It initially emerged as a reaction to the need for closer interdisciplinary and international supervision of junior scholars who are working in the area of German and European Studies, still a developing field in Russia.

In 2017, based on an application selection including a short essay, eight junior scientists were chosen to participate in the workshop. Presenting their topics within the workshop, students benefited from multidisciplinary discussions with moderators whose background is in political science, sociology, and history: Tatjana Zimenkova, TU Dortmund University and Verena Molitor, CGES, Bielefeld University and from discussions within the group of their fellow MA and PhD students.

In the course of the methodological workshop, participants had the opportunity to participate in a competition for a short research stay in Europe. As a result, Natalia Kovyliaeva, who presented the paper “Development of Civil Society in Eastern Europe: Influence of Intergovernmental Relations”, was awarded a travel grant to collect empirical data for her research project.