Логотип CGES

Joint German-Russian Seminar 'Russian Spring Academy 2017. Understanding Russia: Building Mutual Trust for a Common Future and Partnership'


March 21-28, 2017

CGES, St. Petersburg State University

The Joint German-Russian Seminar “Russian Spring Academy” was held in Saint Petersburg for the fifth time as the continuation of the Summer European Academy organized with the same German and Russian students in July 2016. The St. Petersburg seminar was dedicated to different aspects of Russian politics and society.

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Seminar 'Socio-Semantic Patterns'

Seminar Socio semantic Patterns Program final page 0001March 15-17, 2017

Paris, France 

The seminar was intended to discuss micro-principles of how social and semantic/meaning/cultural structures interplay. The main goal of the meeting was to come up with a set of patterns describing how it happens in different situations.

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