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Public lecture by Alexander Kondakov

October 18, 2016

Bielefeld University, Germany 

The topic of the public lecture held by Alexander Kondakov at Bielefeld University was “Everyone Hates Politics in Russia: How the legacy of the USSR influences the political engagement of LGBT citizens”.

Alexander Kondakov is a researcher and teacher at the European University at St. Petersburg and the Centre for Independent Social Research at St. Petersburg. He is the author of different international publications on topics of sexuality, human rights, gender regimes, and citizenship, with special expertise in the sociology of human rights and social movements. In his talk, the lecturer offered some explanations for the low rate of participation by LGBTI-persons in conventional political activity in Russia (such as rallies, petitioning, and LGBT-pride parades). On the basis of urban studies and queer theory, he analysed how power was employed after the 1917 Revolution in order to control citizens in every aspect of their lives. The lecture was attended by around 40 listeners.