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Russia and Europe— Russia in Europe? Discussions on Europe

May 16-17, 2016

Anna Akhmatova Museum, St. Petersburg

The St. Petersburg Debates on Europe were conducted within the framework of the 2015/2016 Programme “Neighbourhood in Europe—Perspectives of a Common Future” consisting of Symposiums and Round Table Discussions in Belarus, Estonia, Russia and Ukraine, organized by the S. Fischer Foundation in co-operation with other partners.

The St. Petersburg Debates were dedicated to the different aspects of European culture and identity, their influence on St. Petersburg’s history and identity, civil society and historical memory in Europe and Russia. Well-known writers, scholars and journalists from Moscow and St. Petersburg discussed general and specific aspects of these topics together with 30 guests from 11 other European countries. The open public part of the Debates attracted about 200 students, scholars, artists and intellectuals, which indicates a strong interest in the discussion of broader topics related to Europe.