Логотип CGES

Scientific Environment 2015

March – December 2015

Faculty of Sociology, St. Petersburg State University

Open interdisciplinary research seminars for junior scholars Scientific Environment are a platform for MA and PhD students, and also for social scientists from Russia and Europe who are at the beginning of their careers, to present their theoretical and empirical projects devoted to topical scientific problems to an interested and friendly audience – and to receive extensive feedback. Each presentation is followed by a moderated discussion. Scholars presenting innovative theoretical frameworks, as well as original empirical research into European and Russian contexts and using novel methods and techniques of data collection and analysis are particularly welcome at the seminar.

Videorecording and photography are conducted at the sessions to make the presentations and further discussions available for those who have not been able to attend the seminars in person.

The following 10 seminars were run in the framework of Scientific Environment in 2015 giving space to 24 presenters from Russia and Europe:

  • Bodily Practices of Femininity Construction, Redefinition and Presentation;
  • Politics and Policies of Social Exclusion;
  • Struggle for the Cities and Struggle in the Cities: Spatial Benefits and Political Decision-Making;
  • Language, Text and Everyday Practices;
  • ‘Soil of the Social‘: Enframing Space, Place and Materiality in Social Research;
  • Reciprocity and Trust in Economic Relations;
  • Self-Presentation Strategies and the Construction of Reputations;
  • Searching for New Theoretical Approaches and Conceptual Frameworks in Sociology;
  • ‘Russian‘ Professionals in IT and Computer Science: To Leave or to Stay?;
  • Cultural Minorities in Urban and National Contexts.

Involving Russian and European colleagues, The Scientific Environment seminar has become a popular and established discussion platform for social scientists from St. Petersburg, other Russian cities and internationally. As this series of events creates strong interest in the audience, it will be continued in 2016.