Логотип CGES

Interdisciplinary study trip ‘Germany in Europe’

June 11-19, 2015

European Academy Otzenhausen and Bielefeld University

14 international MA and PhD students from six different Centers for German and European studies out of the global DAAD Centres network participated in the trip.

The thematic focus of the trip was on the interdisciplinary approach to different issues and aspects of German Studies. One of the main areas of interest was examination of the position that Germany occupies in Europe.

In the course of various workshops, lectures, discussions with experts and visits to German and European institutions, current developments and challenges of German and European politics, economy and society have been analyzed and discussed. The participants gained a better understanding of Germany‘s role in Europe and further impulses for ongoing work and research in the field of German and European Studies. Besides, the students had an opportunity to deepen and improve their active and passive knowledge of German.

The students‘ openness and interest in discussions, as well as their good command of the German language and interest in Germany helped to create a motivating working atmosphere and to socialize with new people. In general, the study trip has been evaluated exceedingly positively by the participants with regard to professional expertise and with regard to the possibilities for networking. Furthermore, the students‘ interest in Germany and in German and European Studies has been strongly encouraged.