Логотип CGES

German Week in St. Petersburg: competition of essays in German ‘Respect - Diversity – Dialogue’

April 26, 2015

‘Café D‘, Goethe-Institute in St. Petersburg

The competition was organized within the framework of the 12th German week in St. Petersburg. The participants were proposed to reflect on the topic to which the whole German week was dedicated: how can understanding be reached in a modern diverse world and how can dialog be established between different cultures and societies?

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Presentations for Junior Scholars by Professor Michael Burawoy

25 March 2015

Faculty of Sociology, St. Petersburg State University

In March 2015 Michael Burawoy, an outstanding British sociologist, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley, the president of the American Sociological Association in 2004 and the president of the International Sociological Association in 2010-2014, visited the Faculty of Sociology, St. Petersburg State University, with a series of public talks.

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Annual Methodological Workshop ‘Methodology of Comparative Research and Project Design’

March 14, 2015

CGES, St. Petersburg State University

Since 2008, the CGES has had a tradition of offering an annual methodological seminar for MA and PhD students. It initially emerged as a reaction to the need for closer interdisciplinary and international supervision of junior scholars, working within the challenging interdisciplinary field of German and European Studies, a field which is still in the process of development.

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