Логотип CGES

German Week in St. Petersburg: Seminar and Discussion ‘Germany Collage for Youth Culture’

 April 24, 2014

‘Café D’, Goethe-Institute in St. Petersburg

Main idea of this event was that seminar participant jointly expand their (outer) perception of Germany and examine the tension between cultural and personal identity in different lifestyles as well as the benefits and dangers of stereotypes.

 Collages, created within the poster competition ‘YOUR image of Germany’ served as a starting point for a discussion of the existing perceptions of Germany. The discussion was held entirely in German. Participants were asked to study the collages and to express their vision of Germany. The presentation was followed by a discussion on what actually Germany and Germans are, how we create such images and why they are so persistent.

The second part of the event was devoted to the presentation of various aspects of modern German identity and culture. 6 stations were organized, where participants could learn about the following topics:

• The variety of German music
• Education in Germany
• The role of the family (men and women)
• Social Media
• Pass the test, ‘How German am I?’
• Eco-trend

Each station was equipped with learning materials: short films, texts, music recordings.

In general around 15 people took part in the event. The feedback from the participants was very positive. They mainly acknowledged to have learned a lot new things about Germany. Many were surprised that German music can be melodic and beautiful, that the role of the family in Germany is very different comparing to that in Russia, etc.