Логотип CGES

German Week in St. Petersburg: Poster Competition ‘Your image of Germany’

April 24, 2014

‘Café D’, Goethe-Institute in St. Petersburg

The topic ‘Diversity’ has been put forward by the organizers as one of the thematic areas of the German Week 2014. CGES in collaboration with the DAAD assistant Inken Kolthoff decided to hold a series of events to disclose the far too often stereotypical perception of Germany and in particular different aspects of contemporary German identity and culture.

First initiative was a collage-competition entitled ‘My image of Germany’. The main aim of the competition was to invite interested persons to reflect on their perception of Germany and to express it in a creative way – in a form of collage made from photos, newspaper clippings, drawings etc. The contest included 8 works, 3 of which authors were awarded prizes. 3 winners - Lisa Broun, Daria Mitrofanova and Lenar Farazutdinov – received prizes connected to Germany and German language.

The results of the collage’s competition were used during the discussion ‘Germany Collage for Youth Culture’ and were also exhibited during the whole German Week in Café D.