Логотип CGES

Workshop on International Papers Writing and Publishing for Finalists of Competition of Articles by Young Social Scientists

November 30, 2014

CGES, St. Petersburg State University

The workshop demonstrated different strategies of writing and publishing, suggested strategies of improving the efficiency of writing process, helped to make the papers of participants more structured and understandable and provided insights into the logic of reviewing and editing processes (in Europe) every author should know.


The main topics and questions of the workshop were:

• What is a basic framework of a research project?
• What are the main steps in writing process?
• How is a paper structured?
• How to deal with problems during the writing process?
• How to publish an article in an International Journal?
• What happens during the peer-review process?

During the workshop the participants had the opportunity to get a lot of practical experiences, for example during some writing exercise and they got a lot of insides into the practice of publishing and the peer-review process.