Логотип CGES

Workshop «Networks and Creativity» (Scientific Environment)

December 17, 2014

  • Silvie Jacoby (King’s College, London) Leipzig’s Visual Artists as Actors of Urban Change: Articulating the Intersection between Place Attachment, Professional Development and Urban Pioneering
  • Alexandra Barmina, Maria Safonova and Tatiana Tretyakova (NRU Higher School of Economics, St. Petersburg) Creative Networks: Opportunities and Limitations of Social Network Analysis in Creative Industries Research

Video of the presentation: https://www.lektorium.tv/lecture/25668
Artyom Antoniuk (St. Petersburg State University), Anastasia Golovnyova (European University at St. Petersburg) co-authored with Nikita Basov, Aleksandra Nenko and Wouter de Nooy. Networks of Creativity: Recent Developments in Sociosemantic Analysis of Artistic Groups
Video of the presentation: https://www.lektorium.tv/lecture/25669
Video of the discussion: https://www.lektorium.tv/course/25670

Involving Russian and European colleagues, The ‘Scientific Environment’ seminar has simultaneously become both a platform for international scientific dialogue and a space for scientific discussion for young researchers in St. Petersburg on the most vital issues in social sciences. The seminars attract representatives of all major research and education institutions: a number of faculties of St. Petersburg State University; European University at St. Petersburg; NRU Higher School of Economics at St. Petersburg; Centre for Independent Social Research; Sociological Institute; Russian Academy of Science and others.

The development of new CGES international research project ‘Co-evolution of Knowledge and Communication Networks: Structural Dynamics of Creative Collectives in European Cultural Capitals’ (CGES research areas 1 and 2) has particularly benefited from the seminars, which were run in collaboration with the research group ‘Creative City: Reshaping Public Space’ at Higher School of Economics, St. Petersburg and also allowing junior researchers from both Higher School of Economics and St. Petersburg State University to get involved in CGES projects. These seminars also allowed CGES to establish important collaborations with European researchers now supporting and joining CGES research activities in Germany, Austria, and the UK. A number of researchers from the CGES network have benefited from the seminars in dissemination of their research results, including: Aleksandra Nenko (Higher School of Economics), Anisya Khokhlova (St. Petersburg State University, MA SES), Irina Antoshchuk (MA SES), Ekaterina Panteleeva (MA SES), Elena Tykanova (Institute of Sociology – RAS), Artyom Antoniuk (St. Petersburg State University), Anastasiya Golovneva (European University in St. Petersburg).

The seminars attracted a large number of participants. On average, 20-40 people attended each seminar. In total, over 350 people participated in the CGES Scientific Environment events during 2014.

The seminars often not only had broad resonance in scientific circles, but also attracted attention of business and civic society representatives, political activists, and the mass media, including newspapers, TV channels, journals, internet social media, etc. reporting on the events and often joining in discussion – thus supporting dissemination of scientific knowledge among broader audiences.

Last but not least, the seminar created numerous impulses for the participating students and PhD students to join international scientific communication and even choose scientific careers.

The combination of research orientation, interdisciplinary approach, focus on presentation of projects by junior researchers, current topics, and openness to a wider public audience proved to be in-demand and successful, and ‘Scientific Environment’ will therefore be continued on the already-established conceptual basis.

In general, the successful implementation of the ‘Scientific Environment’ in 2014 will lead to the continuation of this series of events in 2015.