Логотип CGES

Scientific Environment 2014

March – December 2014

Faculty of Sociology, St. Petersburg State University

Within the framework of an open interdisciplinary research seminars for junior scholars ‘Scientific Environment’ students, PhD students and junior social scientists from Russia and Europe who are in the beginning of their careers extensively present their theoretical and empirical projects devoted to topical scientific problems. Their presentations are followed by an intensive moderated discussion. A particular emphasis is put on the presentations shedding light on innovative theoretical approaches, as well as on original research of European and Russian empirical material carried out by junior scholars.

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Workshop «Networks and Creativity» (Scientific Environment)

December 17, 2014

  • Silvie Jacoby (King’s College, London) Leipzig’s Visual Artists as Actors of Urban Change: Articulating the Intersection between Place Attachment, Professional Development and Urban Pioneering
  • Alexandra Barmina, Maria Safonova and Tatiana Tretyakova (NRU Higher School of Economics, St. Petersburg) Creative Networks: Opportunities and Limitations of Social Network Analysis in Creative Industries Research

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Workshop on International Papers Writing and Publishing for Finalists of Competition of Articles by Young Social Scientists

November 30, 2014

CGES, St. Petersburg State University

The workshop demonstrated different strategies of writing and publishing, suggested strategies of improving the efficiency of writing process, helped to make the papers of participants more structured and understandable and provided insights into the logic of reviewing and editing processes (in Europe) every author should know.

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