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Sixth Essay Competition for the Cogita.ru Website: “Volunteering and Engagement in Europe and Russia”

Organising students’ competitions on topics related to the main research activities of the CGES proved to be an effective instrument for attracting the interest of scholars to the CGES, its programmes and activities. Cooperating with the internet information platform Cogita.ru – in particular with an essay competition on European topics relevant to the Russian public sector in 2009-2012 proved to be interesting in terms of attracting a broad public, and was continued in 2013.

The Sixth Essay Competition with the deadline in March 2013 was entitled “Volunteering and Engagement in Europe and Russia”. This time, the competition collected 51 essays from 27 different cities in Russia: Arzamas, Baikalsk, Brjansk, Voronezh, Kursk, Novoshakhtinsk, Uchkaly, Chelyabinsk, Sjukeevo, Nizhny Novgorod, Tomsk, Stavropol, Cherepovets, Tula, Nizhnevartovsk, Borovichi, Moscow, Saratov, Rostov-ob-Don, Krasnodar, Tambov, Saransk, Omsk, Sochi, Lipetsk, and St. Petersburg. As a result of the decision of the evaluation board (Dr. Elena Belokurova, CGES; Tatiana Kosinova, NIC Memorial, editor-in-chief of the Cogita.ru website; Dr. Anna Zhelnina, St. Petersburg State University), 3 first prizes of 200 Euro and 5-second prizes of 100 Euro were awarded to the best participants for their essays, which then were published by Cogita.ru. 8 further articles were awarded by the diploma and publication only. They are listed here:

1st prize:
Katerina Rossolovich (St. Petersburg) ‘Volunteering in the field of immigrant support in Flanders and St. Petersburg’;
Maria Golkova (St. Petersburg) ‘Leader and outsider: attempt of a comparative analysis of the voluntary movement specifics in Norway and Russia’;
Elena Zueva (Tambov) ‘Corporate volunteering in Russia and Germany’;

2nd prize:
Nadezhda Maximova (Tula) ’Training of volunteers in Russia and Germany’;
Elena Shapka (St. Petersburg) ’Volunteering today: mode trend or valuable work?’;
Olga Nadolinskaya (Sochi) ’Legislation on volunteering: to be or not to be?’;
Irina Nikulina (Nizhni Novgorod) ’International volunteering in Russia and Europe: local aid on the global level’;
Ivan Judin (Lipetsk) ‘Right for volunteering in the legislation of the Russian Federation’;
Diplomas (without prizes);
Julia Zimova (Moscow) ‘Technologies for good of any kind’;
Svetlana Zenina (Norilsk) ’How I have worked as a volunteer in the Centre “Open Heart”;’
Maria Stroganova (St. Petersburg) ’BIOS. Experiences of ecology volunteers’;
Rodion Petrov (Rostov-on-Don) ’Olympic volunteering movement’;
Galina Negodina (St. Petersburg) ’Volunteers and support of homeless animals in the cities of Russia and Europe’;
Fanis Shakhmanov (Uchaly, Beshkortostan Republic) ’Fire fighting volunteers in Russia: a view from inside’;
Alexandra Pogorelova (Amursk) ‘Support of the homeless animals in Russia and Europe’.