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Seminar for Lecturers, Teachers and Disseminators in Otzenhausen ‘Teaching Europe and Democracy

October 7–13, 2012
Otzenhausen, Germany

This seminar for lecturers, teachers and disseminators from Russia, Germany and other European countries was organised in cooperation with the ASKO Foundation and the European Academy Otzenhausen in continuation of the joint organisation of the summer schools for students.

16 applicants, members of six different faculties of St. Petersburg State University and three other universities, were selected for participation. Two lecturers from St. Petersburg as well as a disseminator, who works with visiting students provided the comparative basis for the group of university teachers. Apart from the Russian university teachers, there were also teachers from Germany and Italy, who attended the seminar. The motivation for offering this seminar was to give the participants a better understanding of European integration, democracy and training in teaching methodology and didactics in an international environment. The participants also visited the European Parliament and the Council of Europe. The excursions contributed to the better understanding of the EU institutional system.

Organising and funding partners: CGES, ASKO Foundation, European Academy Otzenhausen, Centre International de Formation Européenne, Landesinstitut für Pädagogik und Medien Saarbrücken
Moderators: Dr. Elena Belokurova, Hans Beitz, Dr. Elisabeth Schmidt
Participants: lecturers of SPbSU