Логотип CGES

Public Lectures 2012

Time: year-round series
Place: St. Petersburg, various faculties at St. Petersburg State University
Participants: lecturers, researchers and PhD students in St. Petersburg

The CGES public lecture series emphasises on current political, social, economic, and societal problems and challenges in Germany and wider Europe. With this series of public lectures, the CGES aims at both bringing current research into the multidisciplinary academic discussion and breaking down current research questions and results for a wider audience, including students, postdoctoral fellows, and interested members of the public. This initiative gives German scholars the opportunity to present their research to and discuss it with Russian colleagues, while it gives the Russian audience an insight into current academic work being undertaken in Germany in the social sciences.

The lectures of 2012 took place at the Faculty of Sociology, the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the Faculty of Political Sciences. Another two public lectures were held outside the university, in locations where many people from different universities and a wider audience from St. Petersburg could be invited to and involved. This strategy succeeded in reaching even more participants than expected.

In 2012, the Public Lecture series at St. Petersburg State University continued with the following events:
• Dr. Ulrike Schulz (FernUniversität Hagen): “Voices and Choices: Changes in the Judiciary DecisionMaking through Feminization”;
• Prof. Dr. Claus Leggewie (Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut Essen): „Klimawandel ist Kulturwandel. Was die Energiewende für Europa bedeuten kann";
• Prof. Lothar Brock (Goethe-University, Frankfurt am Main): “Democratic Peace and the Wars of Democracies – A Contradiction?”;
• Dr. Angelos Giannakopoulos (University of Konstanz), Prof. Dr. Ralf Rogowski (University of Warwick, UK, University of Konstanz), Prof. Dr. Dirk Tänzler (University of Konstanz): “Corruption and AntiCorruption in the EU: Research Evidence on Perceptions of Corruption and New Trends in the Corruption Fight”;
• Prof. Natalia Malakhovskaya (University of Salzburg, Austria): “Russian Feminism: Search of the Roots and Influence of the European Feminist Thought”;
• Dr. Guy Harpaz (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, President of the Israeli Association for European Integration): “The EU – Trade, Politics and Law: An Outsiders Perspective from Israel”.